A few years ago, you probably had no idea what ridesharing was. If you heard the word Uber, you probably thought it was a funny word. Now, you probably know exactly what Uber is. You may have even used Uber yourself.

Ridesharing service have transformed the transportation industry. With more than 400,000 Uber drivers in the country now, you’re sure to see plenty of vehicles with little “U” stickers on their windows ferrying passengers across town.

But what if an Uber vehicle is involved in an accident?

If this has happened to you, you may need an Uber accident attorney. The knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at the Dan Doyle Law Group will help you figure out your next steps.

It’s A Taxi…No, It’s An Uber

Is it a taxi or is it just some person driving other people around in their personal vehicle? The answer to both of those questions is – Yes.

Under Pennsylvania Uber driver requirements, we can see that becoming an Uber driver isn’t too terribly difficult. Anyone over 21 with a fairly clean driving record and a vehicle that is 15 years or newer can become a driver.

Why use Uber?

The simple answer is convenience. By opening an app on your phone and pressing a button, you can get an Uber driver to your location quickly. You expect your driver to be professional. Most of all, you expect them to be safe behind the wheel and follow all traffic laws.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous times when Uber drivers have been cited for driving while impaired or while distracted. This can put their passengers, and anyone else on or near the roadway, in harm.

Any vehicle accident is scary, but when we put our trust in someone else to drive for us, we don’t expect to get hurt. If we do, and it was caused by an Uber driver’s negligence, we need to know the next steps.

  • What if you are hurt and have to go to the hospital?
  • Whose insurance covers an Uber accident?
  • If you miss work, will insurance cover lost income?

What To Do If You Get Hurt On An Uber Ride

We recognize that most ridesharing services are safe and the last thing you want to think about is getting hurt when choosing to use one. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Sometimes, the driver is at fault and possibly even negligent. We do want you to know that, even though each driver is an independent contractor with Uber, the company insures each driver with a $1 million liability policy that is primary to the driver’s personal policy. That means you could be eligible for compensation for damages and injuries caused by an Uber accident.

At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we want to help you sift through your options. If you have suffered an injury because of an Uber driver’s negligence, you may need an Uber accident attorney in Norristown.

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