Before, you may have hailed a taxi or caught a public transportation bus. Now you can simply pull up an app on your phone, press a button, and wait for your Uber driver. Ridesharing services have changed the face of transportation over the last few years. Getting a ride to and from somewhere is easier now than it ever was.

Need a designated driver?

How about a ride to the grocery store?

If you’ve taken an Uber ride before, then we know you have expectations when you ride. What you don’t expect is to get into an accident. Unfortunately, sometimes that happens.

If this has happened to you, then you may need an Uber accident attorney. The Dan Doyle Law Group is ready to help you figure out your next steps.

Lax Regulations

Before, you could be sure that your taxi driver was regulated in some way by the state or local municipalities. With ridesharing service like Uber, you can’t be as certain. Looking at Pennsylvania Uber driver requirements, you can see that anyone who is over 21 and has a clean driving record can become an Uber driver. Also, Uber drivers use their own vehicles, leading to more potential issues because those vehicles are used for things other than passenger transport much of the time.

There are over 400,000 Uber drivers in the United States and that number is climbing higher every day. You can be certain that there will be more accidents involving Uber drivers. The company has now introduced a food delivery service in which their drivers deliver food from a restaurant to private homes and businesses. This will only increase the amount of Uber drivers on the road.

What Can Happen

Uber drivers should be professional and courteous. Most of all, they should be safe drivers because they have their passengers’ lives in their hands. If an Uber driver is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and gets into a wreck, they can severely injure their passengers as well as other people on the roadway.

If an Uber driver is driving distracted, maybe looking at their cell phones, they are being irresponsible. If an Uber driver gets into an accident and it is their fault, you may wonder who will cover any injuries you incur.

What To Do If You Get Hurt On An Uber Ride

The last thing you want to think about is getting hurt when choosing to use a rideshare service. You expect your Uber driver to be professional and safe. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Sometimes, the driver is at fault and possibly even negligent. What you may not know is that, though each driver is an independent contractor with Uber, the company insures each driver with a $1 million liability policy that is primary to the driver’s personal policy.

At the Doyle Law Firm, we want you to know that you have options. If you have suffered an injury or a loved one has died because during an Uber ride, you may need a personal injury or wrongful death attorney.

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