Whether you just ride for pleasure or if you are a serious cyclist or an enthusiastic commuter, anytime you are on the streets of Media on your bike, you may be placing yourself in harm’s way. Bicyclists get little respect on today’s roadways, despite the recent uptick in the number of cyclists making their way to work and running errands via bike. If you are a bicyclist who was injured due to someone else’s negligence or actions, then you have a right to seek out compensatory damages from the at-fault party with help from a seasoned personal injury lawyer. Reach out to a Media bicycle accident attorney right away to review your case.

Bike Accident Prevalence

Media, PA, is home to more than 792 miles of trails—and as enjoyable as they may be for the cyclist, the truth is that danger lurks around every bend. Bicyclists, unlike drivers or occupants of motor vehicles, have nothing to protect themselves from impacts and are subject to dangerous falls from their bikes, both of which can cause serious injuries. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that 846 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents in 2019 alone. That is just a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of cyclists who are severely injured or who sustain catastrophic injuries during bike accidents across the nation every year.

Causes of Bike Accidents

A large percentage of bicycle accidents occur when bicyclists are not seen by motorists or motorists drive recklessly or carelessly and the cyclist ends up being hit. In a lot of cases, drivers or passengers in motor vehicles open their car doors in the pathway of the oncoming bicyclist, which results in the cyclist being knocked from the bike. Other causes for bicycle accidents include falls, roadways in disrepair resulting in bike crashes, crashes or collisions with fixed objects, and dogs running out into the pathway of the cyclist. Aggressive behavior and construction zone debris affecting the surface of the roadway are additional causes. A bicycle accident lawyer in Media could determine who is at fault for the accident, whether they are an individual, company, or local government.

Damages Caused by Bike Accidents

Nearly any bicycle accident has the potential to cause horrific injuries, and some accident victims are left with permanent disabilities and lifelong medical issues as a result. Damages in most bicycle accident claims include medical bills (both current and future), lost income, diminished capacity to earn a living, and pain and suffering. A Media bicycle accident lawyer could help take inventory of the bills and expenses incurred because of the accident.

Call a Bike Accident Attorney in Media

Even in locations like Media where there are 149 trails for cyclists, bicycle accidents still happen and they are often serious, affecting more than just the physical well-being of the victim. These accidents also wreak havoc on the finances of the victim and their family, leaving them unable to work despite the mounting pile of bills that keep rolling in. Reach out as soon as possible following your bicycle accident to begin the claims process and get the compensation you deserve from the at-fault party in your case. Consult with a competent and caring Media bicycle accident lawyer with the Dan Doyle Law Group to help preserve your right to collect damages. Contact us for a free consultation of your case.