Big trucks are on the roads in Pennsylvania as they are everywhere in the US and almost any other motorist is at a disadvantage in any kind of encounter with a big rig. Loaded tractor-trailer trucks weigh about 40 tons compared to passenger vehicles weighing 2 or 3 tons. It takes heavy trucks a lot longer to stop and trying to stop quickly puts a lot of strain on the brakes. So when big trucks hit anything they do so with tremendous force and that can result in catastrophic injuries.

Accidents involving big trucks make up only about 6% of the total motor vehicle crashes in Pennsylvania each year but they make up more than 12% of the fatality accidents. When a truck gets into a crash with another vehicle it is usually a passenger car or a light truck/SUV. Most truck accidents occur on state highways other than interstates.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group represent victims of truck accidents who have suffered severe injuries. Our Media truck accident lawyers have a successful track record of pursuing every available source of compensation to get our truck accident clients the maximum recovery for their losses.

Types of Impacts in Truck Accidents

Crash statistics compiled by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation show that most motor vehicle accidents occur when a single vehicle hits a fixed object. But almost as many occur when one vehicle hits another from an angle. Head-on and pedestrian collisions are relatively rare though when they do occur they are more likely to result in fatalities.

  • 29% – single-vehicle collides with a fixed object
  • 27% – vehicle hits vehicle at an angle
  • 22% – rear-end crash
  • 7% – side swipe
  • 4% – head-on collision
  • 3% – vehicle hits pedestrian

Truck Driver Behaviors that Contribute to Truck Accidents

Though there can be other factors that contribute to causing a truck accident, the majority of truck accidents involve some error on the part of the truck driver. Driving too fast is by far the most often cited driver behavior contributing to accidents. The top 5 driving behaviors that contribute to accidents in Pennsylvania are:

  1. Speed
  2. Distraction
  3. Improper turn/failure to yield
  4. Proceeding without clearance
  5. Alcohol use

How to Get Compensation for Your Truck Accident Injuries?

Determining exactly what caused the accident will identify the parties that might have a responsibility to compensate you for your injuries. Your compensation will most likely be paid by the insurance companies that insure those who have been identified as responsible. Every insurance company will be trying to pay out the least amount possible and coordinating between several companies to try and obtain a complete recovery can be a complex process requiring strategic negotiations. Responsible parties can include:

  • Truck driver – driver behavior is often the greatest contributing cause of accidents
  • Truck driver’s employer (trucking company) – for employing the driver and perhaps responsible for the condition of the truck
  • Cargo loading company – improperly loaded cargo can shift causing balance and mobility issues
  • Truck maintenance company – tires and wheels are the number 1 vehicle failure contributing to accidents followed by faulty brakes
  • Truck manufacturer – sometimes major systems in trucks are defective and malfunction
  • State/government – there may be a road design defect or other road hazards that contribute to an accident

At Dan Doyle Law Group we start with a thorough investigation into the accident to make sure that all contributing causes have been identified. Then our Media  truck accident lawyer gathers the evidence we need to convince the various parties of their responsibility and how much compensation they owe you for your injuries.

You can recover for property damage, medical expenses, and lost income if you are not able to work. You can also collect for your pain and suffering, diminished ability to enjoy life, and mental distress from the accident. If you were injured in a truck accident, you need an experienced Media truck accident lawyer to get you all the compensation you are entitled to. Contact us to schedule a free consultation .