Rollover car crashes can cause severe injuries and damage to your vehicle. Unfortunately, these types of collisions almost always involve driver negligence. If you suffered financial, physical, and emotional harm because of someone else’s thoughtless actions, you have the legal right to hold them responsible.

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Causes of Rollover Vehicle Collisions

Some more top-heavy automobiles, such as sports utility vehicles, are more vulnerable to rollover during crashes, but it is possible with any car. It typically happens when a vehicle’s tire swerves off the road, hits a ditch, or a driver tries to overtake another car and clips it.

Additionally, rollover crashes may happen while taking corners or curves too fast or traveling up steep slopes. Sometimes, specific movements throw off the car’s center of gravity, causing it to tip over. Regardless of the cause, these are among the most severe accidents and commonly leave those involved with life-threatening injuries.

According to information released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they are much more likely to result in fatal harm. The agency’s studies also found that a substantial number of individuals suffering these injuries were not wearing seatbelts.

Common Injuries in Rollovers

Rollover collisions can result in various moderate to catastrophic injuries, including the following:

A seasoned attorney could investigate and analyze the evidence in a rollover car wreck in Media to determine liability and help build a strong case for damages.

No-Fault vs Fault-Based Insurance Coverage

State insurance laws provide options for those purchasing auto insurance coverage. They can choose between no-fault or traditional fault-based insurance policies. According to Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes 75 ยง 1705, drivers who select the no-fault insurance coverage option file a claim for damages against the liable party’s insurance provider.

They can collect payment for property damage, bodily injuries, and subjective losses that are more challenging to verify, such as pain and suffering. People may prefer the first, no-fault option because they only have to deal with one insurance company, and the payout time is quicker. However, they cannot seek damages from another driver.

Individuals may choose the second, fault-based option because they are eligible to collect noneconomic damages, but the process can be more complex and time-consuming. During a consultation, a Media lawyer who handles cases involving rollover car crashes could review the applicable statutes and answer specific questions about the process.

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A crash causing your car to roll over on its side or roof is highly traumatic and can alter your future within the blink of an eye. While it is more typical for some vehicles, any car can roll during collisions.

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