Injuries are known to come in all different forms. There are car accidents that tend to get a lot of attention. Then there are personal injuries like slip and fall accidents that are categorized under the premise liability claims.

Slip and fall accidents are very common, but it is still a surprise how people still misunderstand them. Due to this, the slip and fall accident attorney at The Dan Doyle Law Group strives to answer the most common slip and fall accident questions. Our goal is to give people a better understanding of what they are, what to do if you think you have been injured and how our law firm can help you receive compensation.


These types of accidents occur when individual slips and falls on another’s property and are injured in the process. This accident must happen on someone else’s property in order to pursue legal action. In addition to that, an injury must be sustained which may sound obvious but our law firm receives calls from people who may have slipped and fallen but were not injured. In which case, we simply tell them that they are fortunate enough to come out on the other side free from pain. Basically, if there is no injury there is no slip and fall accident claim.


Something we hear a lot from potential clients is how to go about a slip and fall accident. First and foremost, we always tell people to seek medical attention immediately. A doctor can examine your injuries so that you can start the recovery process. Doctors will also create a medical record to document the severity of your injuries. This ends up being evidence that can be used in your case.

Once you have had the proper treatment, you want to think about what you would want to see in the event you are on a jury for this type of accident.

  • You want to see photos or videos of the condition of the environment in which you fell
  • You want to know what object may have caused the accident
  • You might want to know if there were any other individuals who had slipped and fallen in this same area
  • Talk to witnesses that may have seen the slip and fall- it is important to get witness statements
  • You want to know if there might be any policies in place in terms of avoiding tripping hazards on the property

Last but not least, you don’t want to sit idle. Claims based on he said or she said statements never turn out in your favor. If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident and don’t have any evidence you are going to have a challenging time proving that the property owner is responsible.


The Allentown slip and fall accident attorneys at The Dan Doyle Law Group are more than happy to discuss your accident in further detail if you still have persisting questions or concerns. Schedule a free consultation with our lawyers by calling us at 215-987-3730.