Whether you own a vehicle or not, sometimes you just don’t feel like driving. There are alternative modes of transportation that are convenient and available around Norristown and in Pennsylvania. Whether you take a bus on a regular basis or not, they provide a valuable service to our communities.

While most bus rides are completely safe, sometimes accidents happen because of someone else negligence. If you’ve been in a bus accident and you believe it was caused by the negligence of the bus operators or driver, you may need a bus accident lawyer. Let the Dan Doyle Law Group help you through your case.

Buses Everywhere

While you may not think about them unless you need to use one, buses are everywhere. How many of these do you see on a daily basis:

  • School buses
  • Long-distance passenger buses
  • Municipal transport buses
  • Minibuses

Buses provide valuable services for us and keep more vehicles off the roadways. They take our children to and from school and offer an affordable alternative to taxis.

But what happens if they get into an accident?

Large Vehicles

Buses are large vehicles and weigh tens of thousands of pounds. When they are involved in accidents, the potential for severe damage is high. Not only will the many passengers on board the bus be hurt, but a bus can affect dozens of vehicles and pedestrians at once.

Most buses are operated by companies or government entities such as school districts and are required to be inspected and maintained regularly for safety. If these regular inspections are skipped and a vital malfunction is missed, who is liable for any damages in case of an accident?

In Pennsylvania, becoming a bus driver is not easy. Drivers must obtain their commercial driver’s license and pass specific endorsements for type of bus they will drive. What happens of your bus driver is operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or is driving while distracted, and gets into an accident?

Whether you are a bus passenger, in another vehicle, or a pedestrian near the roadway, if you are hurt in a bus accident, you will have many questions. If you have be in the hospital for a period of time and miss work, will you be able to pay your bills?

What To Do

If you or a loved one have been involved in a bus accident, attorneys at the Dan Doyle Law Group are ready to help. Our bus accident attorneys in Norristown will examine your case and go over every option you have. We can deal with bus companies, government authorities, and insurance companies. Cases like this can be difficult and time consuming, but our experienced attorneys will handle everything for you. If you are injured and have to miss work, we don’t think it’s fair for you to be stuck with huge medical bills and lost income. If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, they need to be held responsible.

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