Do you have a dog? Over 40 percent of US households have pets, and dogs can be wonderful additions to the family. They provide companionship and laughter. Even if you don’t have a dog, you probably know someone who does. Walking around Norristown, you are sure to see plenty of people out with their dogs, whether walking down the road or in one of the local parks.

But what happens if a dog bites you or a loved one? Do you know your next steps?

If this happens to you, you may need a dog attack lawyer. The experienced attorneys at the Dan Doyle Law Group are standing by to answers any questions you may have.

Common Injury

Dog bites are more common than you think. In the US, there are over 4 million instances of dogs biting people each year. While most of the bites don’t lead to serious injury, sometimes the injuries are severe and require a trip to the hospital.

Dogs have strong jaws. When they bite, they can cause major soft tissue damage to our bodies. There have been instances where reconstructive surgery is necessary after a dog bite. Children are particularly vulnerable because they lack the ability to fight back and are closer to the dog.

Dog bites can be scary because they usually happen unexpectedly. Sometimes you or your child are walking down the street or through a park and a dog approaches without a leash. If that dog bites and injures anyone, the owner could be liable for the injury if they violated municipal leash laws.

Also, if the dog has bitten someone before, or has a tendency to be violent, and you are attacked and injured, you could possibly recover full compensation.

What To Do If It Happens

Out of those more than 4 million dog bites each year, almost 1 million of those become infected. This can lead to further complications and hospital visits.

Dog bites can leave both physical and lasting emotional damage on the victims. Many people have reported having PTSD after severe attacks. We recognize that not all bites are intentional. The ones that are caused by someone else’s negligence are particularly disturbing because they could have been prevented.

Contact the police or animal control after any dog bite and keep any reports made. When you contact the authorities, you may find out that the dog that bit you or a loved one has a history of bites or attacks.

You may need a dog bite attorney in Norristown. Pennsylvania law regarding dog bites is complex, but if someone else’s negligence has caused you or a loved one harm, there is no reason you should be stuck with expensive medical bills. You may be entitled to compensation beyond medical bills. At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we will help you sort through all of your legal options.

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