If you own a motorcycle, then you know freedom. The open air and the roar of the engine are something you probably dream about. Motorcycles are popular vehicles and we know you take owning your bike seriously, including getting your motorcycle license and proper insurance coverage. Safety is number one.

Unfortunately, you can’t control the actions of other drivers on the roadway. Some drivers are careless when operating around motorcyclists and cause accidents. If this has happened to you and you were injured, you may need a motorcycle accident attorney. The experienced attorneys at the Dan Doyle Law Group are standing by to take your call.


Out of the nearly 9 million registered motorcycles in the United States, more than 400,000 of them are in Pennsylvania. There are a lot of motorcycles on our roadways. While we hope that other drivers share the road, we know that they often do not.

In the US, there are around 5,000 people killed and over 90,000 injured in motorcycle crashes each year. If you are a motorcyclist yourself, those are alarming numbers. We’re also willing to bet you’ve had to avoid your fair share of accidents when you were on your bike, accidents almost caused by drivers who weren’t paying attention.

We all know that there are risks associated with driving any vehicle, but those risks are higher when you are on a motorcycle. Even when you wear a helmet, you have little protection from the force of a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. Injuries from a motorcycle crash can range from bone fractures and dislocations to serious internal and head injuries.

If another driver on the roadway is impaired by drugs or alcohol, they are much less likely to see or react to a motorcyclist. If they are distracted by their phones or other devices and take their eyes off the road, the results can be devastating.

Sometimes unsafe road conditions can lead to a motorcycle accident. Roads that are poorly designed or inadequately maintained can pose serious risks to riders. A pothole that may not be such a big deal to a larger vehicle can have devastating consequences to a motorcyclist.

What To Do

If you get into a motorcycle accident, seek medical treatment for any injuries you or your passenger sustain. Get the police to the scene so a report can be made. Keep all police and medical records and try to get photos of the accident. In the aftermath of a motorcycle crash, you will have many things to deal with and it can get confusing. No matter who was at fault in the accident, you may end up needing a Norristown motorcycle accident attorney.

The Dan Doyle Law Group will help you through this process, from handling insurance companies to figuring out if you are owed additional compensation. If a fault with the roadway caused your accident, we will help you deal with any governmental or private agencies that may be involved.

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