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Allentown Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Whenever a motor vehicle collides with a person on foot, the results are disastrous. The victims of the worst pedestrian accidents typically do not survive and if they are lucky enough to make it, they are faced with life altering injuries, medical expenses, and up towards years of recovery.

Victims and their families will have to deal with insurance companies who are likely to be unwilling to provide adequate coverage to ensure proper treatment. The pedestrian accident attorney at The Dan Doyle Law Group represents people who have suffered pedestrian injuries in motor vehicle and construction accidents or other types of negligence.

What Are The Causes of Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries?

At Dan Doyle Law Group the main reason for pedestrian accidents is due to either a failure to yield, intoxication, emotional distress, poor visibility, roadway interference, running out into the road, crosswalks, and bad weather.

Pedestrian trauma cases are handled by our expert attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group. When it comes to injuries sustained in accidents, we continually see similar injuries like:

  • Bone fractures: This includes broken ribs, legs, arms, or other areas affected by the impact of a vehicle.
  • Spinal cord injuries: A portion of the backbone that is either ruptured, damaged, or jolted out of place from impact. These injuries are very painful and sometimes result in a loss of muscle function and can lead to partial or complete paralysis.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): Victims can potentially be left with severe and life threatening injuries or disabilities where hearing, vision, cognition, motor function, and behavior are affected.

What Kind of Compensation is Available in a Pedestrian Accident?

Any driver who is responsible for hitting and injuring an accident victim is liable for the victim’s pain and suffering from past and future medical bills lost wages and quite possibly punitive damages among other compensation.

The driver or individual at fault for the accident must pay for compensation. Victims can go after their insurance company or the at fault individual if they are uninsured.

Pedestrian injury attorneys have only a few years at most to file your case for harm. Of course, this all depends on the type of injuries sustained and the statute of limitations that apply to the state. It is crucial to speak with an attorney before the deadline because there is a lot of work to do before that date.

Talking to a personal injury lawyer at Dan Doyle Law Group will ease your concerns. Our attorneys will answer every question and even expand on the answers further. We help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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