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Premises liability refers to an area of the law that allows negligent property owners to be held accountable for injuries that others suffer on their property. Most notable cases include slip and fall injuries, swimming pool accidents, dog bites, or any injuries that are caused by a failure to provide security.

The premises liability attorney The Dan Doyle Law Group takes pride in providing professional legal assistance to those in Allentown and the surrounding areas who have suffered injuries on someone else’s property. If you are looking to receive a free and comprehensive review of your case contact us by calling 215-987-3730 or by submitting an online form. Our mission is to provide you with a general understanding of issues that may arise during your case. Premises liability cases require a close examination of a case’s distinct facts.

Can I Recover Compensation if I Slipped on a Patch of Ice in a Store Parking Lot?

The answer to this question depends on when the ice formed, how much time passed, and whether or not the store owner and you knew about the ice.

This type of situation compares to a case that involves a spilled liquid in a store aisle. A natural condition of accumulating ice in a store parking lot presents as a valid premise liability claim based on the property owner’s negligent maintenance of the property.

The important issue that needs to be addressed is if any employees had been in the parking lot, noticed the ice, and could have done something about it. Or if there had been ice there for a while that it should have been addressed. These components all carry weight in favor of finding the store owner liable.

Now, if you had knowledge about the ice on your way into the store and sidestepped it but then on the way out absentmindedly walked across the same ice patch you are considered to have equal knowledge of the hazard and would not be able to recover.

What Can I Recover From a Liable Property Owner?

Compensation in a premises liability claim depends greatly on several different elements. Regardless, though, there are certain types of damages that are sought after, including special damages and general damages.

Special damages include the following:

  • Financial losses
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past, present, and future lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Permanent harm to your earnings

General damages include the following Non-economic losses that cannot be determined by a bill or an estimate (present and future physical and emotional pain or suffering, distress, shock, fright).

In certain, limited circumstances, punitive damages may be recovered. These damages are described as having the intention to punish, penalize and deter defendants from willful and wanton misconduct. There are special rules that apply to punitive damages, which require evaluation on a case-by-case basis.

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