The federal government and insurance companies often offer incentives to people who drive fuel-efficient cars. The State of Pennsylvania also offers green driver money saving incentives for to those drivers including electric car drivers. Electric cars are reportedly less expensive to run, less expensive to maintain, and they reduce pollution compared to traditional motor vehicles, but are they as safe as traditional motor vehicles? We may not have the answer to that, but we do know that there are some concerns regarding dangers specific to electric cars.

Dangers of electric cars that contribute to accidents

  • Batteries catch on fire and explode – Lithium-ion batteries power Electric cars and those batteries have been known to explode in cell phones and electric cars. Overheated batteries during driving and charging have been blamed for starting fires and electric cars have been known to catch on fire after a car accident.
  • Dangerous chemicals – Lithium-ion batteries contain dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to anyone who comes into contact with them due to a battery leak.
  • Quiet characteristic can be dangerous – Electric cars are very quiet, especially when being driven at low speeds. Accidents can happen when pedestrians and bicyclists are not aware of electric cars near them because they cannot hear them. Electric cars are especially dangerous to visually impaired people because they rely on their sense of hearing to alert them to dangers such as cars operating near them.
  • Electric shock – Electric cars are known to sometimes become electrically charged after car accidents so they present an electric shock danger to first responders and others who come into contact with the electrically charged vehicle.
  • Autopilot self-driving system – Autopilot self-driving systems that are available in some electric cars have also been faulted in a number of car accidents.

Cause of electric car accident injuries

So who is at fault for your electric car accident injuries? And the answer to that depends on the circumstances of the accident and resulting injuries. Were your injuries caused by the car accident impact, or where they caused (or exacerbated) by specific electric car dangers such as chemical leaks, fire, or electric shock? The defendant may be the driver who caused the accident, someone who is responsible for the design or manufacture of the vehicle, the vehicle seller, and there may be more than one defendant at fault.

Recoverable damages and injuries

If you have been injured in an electric car accident, contact an electric car accident lawyer, Daniel S. Doyle, to schedule a consultation. Our team will conduct an investigation to gather evidence that will support your case, interview witnesses, negotiate with insurance companies, and review and evaluate your resulting damages and injuries. We know car accidents can be overwhelming and life changing for those injured and their loved ones. Injury and damage recovery that you may be entitle to includes property damage, medical bills (past, ongoing, and future), lost earnings, loss of earning capacity, disability and disfigurement, and pain and suffering. The Dan Doyle Law Group is ready to advocate for you and your loved ones to see that you receive a fair recovery.