While motorcyclists are more likely to be familiar with the term “no-contact accident,” car drivers are also no strangers to being victims of an accident where no actual collision occurred.

As a rule of thumb, determining fault in a car crash where no actual collision occurred is trickier than in the classic scenario (in which two or more vehicles crash into one another).

No-contact accidents are more common during the winter in Pennsylvania, especially when the roads are covered in snow or ice. Our Philadelphia no-contact accident attorney from Dan Doyle Law Group explains that no-contact accidents occur when two or more vehicles never actually touch one another.

No-contact accidents in Philadelphia

For example, let’s imagine that you are driving a car on a highway in Philadelphia, when, out of the blue, another vehicle swerves into your lane, forcing you to swerve to avoid a collision. As a result of the swerving, you lost control of the vehicle and crashed your vehicle into a guardrail. This type of accident is called “no-contact.”

More often than not, the driver who caused the “no-contact” accident will continue driving and not stop to make sure that you were not hurt or provide his or her contact and insurance information to reimburse the damages. Our experienced no-contact accident attorney in Philadelphia explains that a large percentage of these accidents can be classified as hit-and-run accidents, as the other driver leaves the scene without being identified.

Phantom vehicle in a no-contact accident

Unless you have managed to memorize the model and color of the car that swerved into your lane as well as its license plate number, the driver will be classified as a “phantom vehicle.”

Typically, the phantom vehicle falls under the uninsured motorist coverage in your auto insurance policy. However, when you report a no-contact accident to your insurance company, it will most likely force you to admit fault and either reduce your compensation or deny coverage altogether. That is why being represented by a skilled car accident attorney is so important in these cases.

The role of witnesses in no-contact accidents

If you want to recover damages in a no-contact accident in Philadelphia, much will depend on these three factors:

  • Whether your auto insurance policy includes the uninsured motorist coverage
  • Whether there were any witnesses who can prove that there was a “phantom vehicle” that fled the scene and
  • Whether you have sufficient evidence to prove that the other driver was negligent and your own actions did not cause or contribute to the accident

Since proving fault in a no-contact accident is rather tricky, having witness statements will play a major role in establishing negligence. Our Philadelphia no-contact accident lawyer warns that your insurance company will not take your word for it. Your insurer will want statements from a witness who was present at the scene and saw the no-contact accident.

More often than not, victims of no-contact accidents benefit from hiring a skilled car accident lawyer to seek compensation. Regardless of whether you are a car driver or motorcyclist who was injured in a no-contact accident, you need legal help to recover damages. Contact our attorneys at Dan Doyle Law Group to get a free consultation today.