You keep your vehicle properly maintained, you keep your driver’s license current and in good standing, you obey the rules of the road and drive with caution, you are a defensive driver, you buckle up, and you require everyone in your car to buckle up. What more can you do to keep you and your family safe on the road? Over 11,000 car accidents were reported in Philadelphia in 2017 and almost 8,000 people sustained injuries in those accidents.

It is impossible to prevent all car accidents and injuries from happening, even when you exercise extreme care and caution on the road, and that can be frustrating. It is especially frustrating when safety precautions that you exercise, like wearing your seatbelt and making sure that your children and other passengers are wearing seatbelts, end up being the cause of serious injuries.

Seatbelt injuries

Seatbelt injuries generally impact the spine and torso and especially the abdomen. Seatbelt injuries are not always evident immediately and they are sometimes not diagnosed as early as they could be. Seatbelt injuries may include the following exclusively or combined:

  • Kidney and other organ damage including loss of short-term and long-term function
  • Intestinal perforations and tears
  • Fractured sternum, ribs, and clavicle
  • Thoracic injuries
  • Major vessel injuries

Seatbelt injury symptoms

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that seatbelts saved over 14,500 lives in 2016. Seatbelt use is of course still recommended, but it is also important to be aware of and recognize the symptoms of seatbelt injuries and seek medical attention immediately if you suspect you have a seatbelt injury. Seatbelt injury symptoms may include:

Financial Recovery From Seat Belt Injuries

Seatbelt injuries can cause short term and long-term complications for you and your family. If you sustained a seatbelt injury in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated for all of the resulting injuries and damages you have sustained. Your financial recovery may include compensatory damages for economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages cover any cost accrued as a direct result of the car accident such as property damages, medical bills, prescriptions, lost earnings, and lost future earnings. Noneconomic damages include pain and suffering damages such as mental anguish, disfigurement, impairment, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment, and loss of companionship.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident and injured by a seatbelt as a result, contact Philadelphia seatbelt injury attorney, Daniel S. Doyle, to schedule a consultation and case review. Our seatbelt injury team understands that you were trying to protect yourself and your vehicle occupants and we want to see that you receive the compensation that you deserve for the injuries and damages you sustained. We will conduct a thorough investigation to gather facts and evidence supporting your case, we will interview witnesses, consult with medical experts, negotiate with insurance companies, and value your claim based on the extent of your injuries.