Most people like to think that they know what to do after a serious crash, but many are surprised when they forget any of the six steps below. When you contact our firm, the Philadelphia law office of Dan Doyle Law Group, we will walk you through the steps to take after a car accident, giving you the best chance at fair compensation.

  • Take pictures of your vehicle and note any damage- By taking pictures immediately after a crash, you can potentially avoid allegations made by the insurance company that the damage occurred before the accident.
  • Assess your physical situation and make sure it gets documented by police- Whether you think your injuries are minor or severe, make sure police document everything. This will give the insurance company more information about the situation, which can help you avoid speculation and a potential dismissal of your claim.
  • Get medical attention- Even if you don’t feel hurt right now, go to your family physician anyway. Your doctor knows you best and will be able to tell you if your condition was the result of the accident or not. This will also substantiate your claim for compensation.
  • Keep a diary of what you’re going through- It’s amazing how much we forget after suffering a traumatic event. What you think you’ll remember in a week’s time may not come to you when you need it. By keeping a diary of everything that has happened, you can easily access information needed to fill out your claim and answer any questions the insurance company may have.
  • Get a copy of the police report- Being able to reference the police report can be incredibly helpful when making a claim, especially if the insurance company is refuting the events of the crash. With the police report in hand, you can point to information that supports your claim for compensation.
  • Talk to an attorney- While a good lawyer is an added cost, having representation after a crash can help immensely because they can assess your situation and point out key factors that could play a major role in recovering the correct damages. In addition, a lawyer with experience handling insurance claims, such as our own Dan Doyle, can handle negotiations with the insurance company while you focus on recovering.