There are nearly 9 million registered motorcycles in the US. Out of that number, Pennsylvania has over 400,000 of them. That’s a lot of motorcycles on our roadways. If you own a bike, then you know the freedom that getting out on the roadway can give you. Riding a motorcycle is an experience like no other. There are plenty of passionate motorcycle owners across the state.

If you own a motorcycle, we know you take all the steps necessary to be safe when you ride. Unfortunately, you can’t control the actions of other drivers on the roads and accidents do happen. If you’ve been hit by a vehicle while you were on your bike, you may need a motorcycle accident lawyer. The Dan Doyle Law Group is here to help you.

Injuries Can Occur

On average, over 5,000 people are killed and more than 90,000 are injured in motorcycle accidents each year across the country. If you are a motorcycle owner, those are alarming numbers.

On the roadway, sometimes other drivers are negligent around motorcyclists. If another driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol, the chance of them hitting a motorcycle is much higher. The same goes for distracted drivers. Now, more than ever, technology is distracting people while they are behind the wheel. This is especially bad news for motorcyclists because they lack the same kind of protection vehicle drivers have in an accident. There is no metal frame and no airbags to protect a rider. Even when a helmet is worn, the potential for damage is high.

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you could face a long recovery. Serious injuries could lead to high medical bills and cause you to miss work. Your insurance may not cover all of your losses, and if another driver’s negligence caused your accident, it is not fair for your livelihood to be in jeopardy.

There are times when a poorly designed or maintained roadway contribute to motorcycle accidents and these situations can lead to damages and injuries that are just as serious as accidents involving other vehicles. In this case, whoever is responsible for maintaining and building the road could be liable for your injuries.

What To Do

Seek treatment for any medical emergencies following a motorcycle accident. Make sure the police are called and get copies of all reports related to the accident. We understand that this can be a scary and confusing situation to deal with and you may need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in West Chester. You will have questions about what insurance will cover and whether or not the other driver is liable for damages and injuries.

The Dan Doyle Law Group can help you deal with insurance companies, and you shouldn’t speak to them by yourself, especially if someone else was responsible for your accident. If a fault with the roadway caused your accident, we will help you deal with any governmental or private agencies that may be involved.

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