No, you didn’t plan on getting hurt when you left the house. Nobody plans on accidents happening. Unfortunately, sometimes they do and it can quickly overwhelm us.

Whenever you go on someone else’s property and you have the right and expectation to be there, you also have the right to be safe. When you go shopping or visit the local park with your children, you expect everything to be in working order and safe to be around.

That’s not always the case. Sometimes, the property owner or manager is negligent, and people get hurt. If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, you may need a premises liability attorney. Let the experienced attorneys at the Dan Doyle Law Group help you through your situation.

Unexpected Injury

If you go onto someone else’s property, whether it is a business that welcomes the public or a private residence that you have been invited to, you expect the environment to be safe. If it’s not, and you get hurt, the property owner could be held liable for any injuries that occur.

In the state of Pennsylvania, courts will look at a few factors when determining how much, if any, compensation will be awarded in the event of an injury. The most important factor for you is proving that the property owner, or their designees, knew of the potential hazardous situation. In the case of a slip and fall accident due to a spill in a store, if store employees knew of the spill and didn’t clean it in a timely manner, the store could be liable for injuries.

Similarly, if you go to the park and playground equipment is rusty or broken and causes an injury, a court will want to know when the park equipment was last inspected and whether or not managers should have known about and fixed the problem.

The court will also examine whether or not the person injured shared any of the blame for the injury. We want you to be prepared for a property owner to attempt to lay some of the blame on you in an attempt to pay less in a settlement.

What To Do

If a property owner’s negligence has contributed the damages or injuries you incur, you may need premises liability attorney in West Chester. The court process for these types of injury cases can get complex and confusing, but we want to help you through the process. If your child is hurt due to someone else’s negligence, we know that you will want to hold those who are at fault responsible and prevent anyone else from getting hurt.

At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we understand these cases and we will help you get the compensation you deserve. We don’t think it is right that you and your family should be negatively impacted financially because of someone else’s negligence, especially if you have to miss work and lose income.

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