It happens unexpectedly, like most accidents do. You or a loved one are using a product that you bought, not thinking twice that it may not work like it’s supposed to. Then, someone is hurt and you aren’t sure why.

It may not be until later, after you’ve been to the hospital, that you realize that you or a loved one were hurt by a faulty product. If that happens, you will have questions. At the Dan Doyle Law Group, we want to help you get some answers. If you need a product liability attorney, we will walk you though all the steps included in a product liability claim.

The Manufacturers

When you buy something to use or consume, you rely on the manufacturer to protect your safety. Most of us just assume that the items we buy are safe just because they have reached the shelves of a store. However, that is not always the case.

As we have moved into the digital age of shopping online, it has become easier for consumers to access global markets. While this is generally seen as a good thing, it also opens the door to buying products that don’t have safety measures that are as stringent as we are used to in this country. The rush for profit has driven many companies, both domestic and international, to put items on the market without ensuring their safety.

Types Of Cases

There are three basic categories to look at when it comes to bringing a product liability lawsuit:

  • Defective Design: deals with injuries that result from a defective product design.
  • Inadequate Warnings or Instructions: deals with manufacturers not alerting consumers of all possible risks associated with using their products. This includes drug side effects, hazardous parts, burn risks, or any other danger the item may pose.
  • Manufacturing Defect: deals with products that are flawed in the manufacturing process as opposed to the design process.

In all of the cases, we want you to be aware of the statue of limitations for most claims. In Pennsylvania, most personal injury claims need to be filed within two years of the time of the injury. Claims filed after that are unlikely to be heard unless there are extenuating circumstances.

If It Happens To You

If you’ve been injured or gotten ill from a product you’ve used, seek immediate medical treatment and keep all records. If possible, take photos of the defective item and the injuries. After that, seek a product liability attorney in West Chester so that you know and understand all of your options.

Brining a lawsuit against a large company or manufacturer can be a daunting task. You may feel that you have no chance, but the Dan Doyle Law Group will fight by your side. We are ready to help you with your case. We don’t think you should do this alone or take the blame for something that was out of your control.

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