Riding a bicycle is a fun, effortless, and cost-effective way to get around Bensalem, which is why you can see hundreds of bicyclists on your way to and from work. Riding a bike is a great way to keep yourself active and fit more physical activity into your daily life.

However, cycling is also a dangerous way to get around the city or commute to and from work, which is evident from the number of bicyclists injured in auto accidents each year. According to the CDC, nearly 470,000 cyclists suffer an injury while riding a bike in the U.S. every year.

Since a bike does not protect a rider from the impact in the event of a collision the same way a car protects its driver, bicyclists are at a much greater risk of suffering catastrophic injuries.

Regardless of how severe your injury is, a bicycle accident lawyer from Dan Doyle Law Group can help you pursue financial compensation.

Why Do Bicycle Accidents Occur in Bensalem?

Bensalem is a relatively small town, which is why many cyclists wonder why it is not uncommon to witness crashes involving cyclists on a daily or weekly basis. The most common reasons why bicycle collisions occur in our town are:

  • Inadequate road design;
  • Failure to yield at intersections;
  • Failing to maintain a safe distance, which may result in a passenger car rear-ending a bicycle, which, in its turn, can throw the cyclist off the bike;
  • Cars making an unsafe left-hand turn;
  • Cars making a right-hand turn, also known as the right hook, when approaching an intersection with a bicycle; and
  • Car drivers and passengers opening a door in front of a bicyclist, which may cause the cyclist to slam into the door.

How Do Pennsylvania Law Prevent Dooring Accidents?

Pennsylvania law prohibits opening any door on a motor vehicle unless the operator or occupant is absolutely certain that it is reasonably safe to do so (i.e., by making sure that opening the door would not interfere with the movement of traffic).

Our state law also prohibits drivers and passengers from leaving a door on a vehicle for an unreasonably long period of time when loading or unloading passengers.

The Problem of Distracted Driving in Bicycle Accidents

Distracted driving is a common cause of bicycle accidents in Bensalem and all across Pennsylvania. Although Pennsylvania law prohibits mental, visual, and manual distractions while operating a vehicle, it does not stop motorists from texting and driving and engaging in other distracting activities while driving.

Pennsylvania law prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle while using a cellphone or other wireless communications devices to send, read, or type messages and other forms of text-based communication.

Are Pennsylvania Motorists Allowed to Overtake or Pass Bicyclists?

Pennsylvania has strict safe passing laws, which are also referred to as the “four-feet zone” rule. In our state, the operator of a motor vehicle overtaking a bicycle traveling in the same direction is allowed to pass the cyclist to the left within not less than four feet.

When performing the maneuver, the motorist must carefully and prudently reduce the speed. Pennsylvania is the only state that has the mandatory four-feet passing rule that applies in all circumstances on the road.

Can I Ride a Bicycle Without a Helmet in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is one of few states that do not make it illegal to operate a bicycle without a helmet. However, our state laws do prohibit riding a bike without a helmet if a person is under 12 years of age.

However, Pennsylvania has special helmet use requirements for bicycle riders restrained in a seat attached to a bike and those seated in a trailer being towed by a bicycle. In both situations, the passenger is required to wear protective headgear.

According to researchers, bicycle accident deaths skyrocketed in Pennsylvania since the state repealed the mandatory helmet use law back in 2004. That is why it is recommended to wear a helmet to reduce the risk of injury or death while riding a bicycle.

You might be entitled to compensation even if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of your collision. In fact, you may be able to recover maximum compensation even if the lack of protective headgear aggravated your injury.

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