Premises liability is one of the most complex areas of law in Pennsylvania, which is why people who suffer an injury on another party’s property can benefit from seeking help from a premises liability lawyer.

But what makes premises liability law so complex and confusing? To answer the question, it is essential to define “premises liability” first.

Premises liability refers to any incident or accident (i.e., a slip and fall accident) caused by negligence, recklessness, wrongdoing, or misconduct in a location owned, occupied, managed, or ran by another person or entity.

These locations include such private and public properties as apartment complexes, hotels, amusement parks, construction sites, Airbnb rentals, grocery stores, movie theaters, and public restrooms, among others.

When the negligence of a property owner or occupier contributes to your injury, it is vital to contact a Bensalem premises liability lawyer at Dan Doyle Law Group to seek compensation for your losses and damages.

Proving Fault in a Pennsylvania Premises Liability Case

Proving fault – negligence, recklessness, or wrongdoing – is a key element of any premises liability claim in Pennsylvania.

In order to prove fault, the plaintiff (injured visitor) must demonstrate evidence showing that the property owner, occupier, manager, designated employees, or another person responsible for maintenance or safety on the property has acted in a negligent or reckless way.

As a result of that negligence or recklessness, a dangerous condition appeared on the property and caused the plaintiff’s injury. The plaintiff must also prove that the condition that caused the injury was unreasonably hazardous, hidden, non-obvious, or existed for an unreasonably long period of time.

For your case to be successful, your Bensalem premises liability attorney must establish the following four elements:

  • The property owner (or another party in control of the property) owed you a duty of care;
  • That party’s duty was breached due to negligence or recklessness;
  • The breach of duty resulted in your injury; and
  • Your injury caused economic and/or non-economic damages.

Dangerous Premises Conditions That Cause Injuries

A person visiting a private or public property has a reasonable expectation of safety. Unfortunately, the negligent acts or lack of action on the part of some property owners or their employees can create dangerous conditions on their property.

On some types of properties, a hazardous condition can be created by other visitors or customers. In that case, if the hazard existed for an unreasonably long period of time and the property owner knew or should have known about the condition, anyone who suffers an injury due to the hazard is entitled to pursue a premises liability action.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of dangerous conditions that can cause injuries to unsuspecting visitors on private and public properties:

  • Slippery surfaces (ice, snow, or wet floors);
  • Broken or missing stairs;
  • Uneven sidewalks;
  • Inadequate security;
  • Poor lighting (or lack thereof);
  • Loose carpet;
  • Missing railings; and
  • Faulty equipment.

A skilled Bensalem premises liability attorney can help you prepare your claim, gather all the necessary evidence establishing the property owner’s liability, and fight for the maximum compensation available.

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