Pedestrian accidents in Pennsylvania are associated with catastrophic injuries and often give rise to wrongful death lawsuits. An unsuspecting and unprotected pedestrian in Bensalem can become an easy target for motor vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed.

Unlike drivers of a passenger car or truck, who are shielded from direct impact by a bumper and layers of aluminum and steel and have a seatbelt and other safety mechanisms at their disposal, a pedestrian has no protection whatsoever against a collision.

Pedestrian accidents in Bensalem occur in different scenarios. A person getting around the city on foot is at a greater risk for injury and death when crossing or entering a street or intersection.

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents can occur in a crosswalk or a street without a crosswalk. A pedestrian is just as likely to be struck by a vehicle when entering a crosswalk with or without a stoplight or stop sign. Even a sidewalk is not the safest place for a pedestrian, as vehicles traveling at high speeds can jump the curb or carelessly exit a parking lot or driveway, resulting in a collision with an unsuspecting pedestrian.

Getting compensated for your pedestrian crash injury is tough, which is why it is advised to consult with a pedestrian accident lawyer from Dan Doyle Law Group.

When Do Pedestrian Collisions Occur in Bensalem?

Regardless of whether you are crossing the road, entering a crosswalk, or simply walking on a sidewalk in Bensalem, the risk of being struck by a vehicle is greater after 3 p.m.

According to the NHTSA, most pedestrian accident fatalities in the United States occur between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Meanwhile, a pedestrian is more likely to suffer an injury between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

However, a large percentage of pedestrian collisions occur at night, especially after 11 p.m., when there is a greater likelihood of encountering a drunk driver. Drunk driving combined with fatigue and drowsiness, which is common among drivers operating vehicles at night, and reduced visibility is a recipe for disaster.

How Do Pennsylvania Insurance Laws Regulate Pedestrian Accidents?

Insurance companies operating in Pennsylvania offer their policyholders to choose between limited tort or full tort coverage for their auto insurance policy.

The main difference between a limited and full tort is the insured’s ability to bring a claim to recover pain and suffering damages from the at-fault party in a motor vehicle collision.

A policyholder who purchased limited tort coverage must prove that his or her injury is serious enough to be eligible to recover these damages. A full tort policy, meanwhile, does not impose any limitations or thresholds when it comes to recovering pain and suffering or other damages.

However, if you are a pedestrian who has sustained an injury in a motor vehicle crash in Pennsylvania, full tort always applies even if you chose the limited tort policy.

Can a Bensalem Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help You?

Our attorneys here at Dan Doyle Law Group will fight in and out of court to get you the compensation you deserve. Injuries suffered by pedestrians after being struck by a vehicle tend to be severe and almost always require a long hospital stay, an expensive and painful surgery, and months – if not years – of rehabilitation.

As you can guess, medical bills can accumulate quite quickly, while you will have to take time off from work, which means paying for the medical expenses will get a lot more complicated. That is why you need help from a Bensalem pedestrian accident lawyer, who will help you pursue compensation for all your lost wages, medical bills, and other losses and damages.

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